We are one of the largest frozen food producer within the southern hemisphere. We are located in Argentina, a wealthy region in raw materials and ingredients that are combined with the state of the art technology.

We can supply the most demanding markets.

Our exportable offer consists in frozen pizza, quiches, panini, pies, cheese bread and empanadas, among other products.

Our main destinations are The United States, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and the Caribbean.

We serve both B2B & B2C, hotels, restaurants, catering and food service companies, large supermarket chains, C-Stores and recreational customers such as amusement parks, cinemas, etc. 

Some of our clients: WalMart, Carrefour, Día%, Group Casino, La Anónima, Jumbo, Disco, Vea, Cinemark, Burger King, Shell, YPF, Petrobras, Oil, Axion, SMU (Unimarc - Abu Gosch), Stock, Super 6, Casa Rica, Real, España, etc.


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